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Two Papers from Our Lab Achieve Top Citations and Popularity

We are pleased to announce that two papers from our lab have received significant recognition in their respective journals:

Waste Management, Volume 117, November 2020

  • Title: "Rethinking organic wastes bioconversion: Evaluating the potential of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens (L.)) (Diptera: Stratiomyidae) (BSF)"

  • Authors: K.C. Surendra, Jeffery K. Tomberlin, Arnold van Huis, Jonathan A. Cammack, Lars-Henrik L. Heckmann, Samir Kumar Khanal

  • Achievement: Most Popular Since 2021

  • DOI:

Bioresource Technology, Volume 330, June 2021

  • Title: "Anaerobic co-digestion: Current status and perspectives"

  • Authors: Renisha Karki, Wachiranon Chuenchart, K.C. Surendra, Shilva Shrestha, Lutgarde Raskin, Shihwu Sung, Andrew Hashimoto, Samir Kumar Khanal

  • Achievement: Top Cited Since 2021

  • DOI:

Kudos to the team's hard work!


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