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New grants

  • Our team has been awarded the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service grant under the Scientific Cooperation Research Program (SCRP). Our team is among the top six other U.S. research institutions that have been selected for this year’s highly competitive SCRP grant (

  • For this year, SCRP’s primary focus is on climate-smart agriculture in tropical countries to help agriculture adapt to and mitigate its impact on changing climate. In this project, our team, in close collaboration with Can Tho University, can Tho, Vietnam, will develop a state-of-the-art shrimp-aquaponic system in the Mekong Delta (MKD) that utilizes nanobubble (NB) technology and the internet of things (IoT). The project also aims at facilitating the establishment of a “Climate-smart Aquaculture-Aquaponics Research and Outreach Center” at Can Tho University to serve the Southeast Asian region.


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