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Want to join our lab group?

We are always looking for excellent graduate students. We provide them with every opportunity to become the very best. If you are highly motivated, enthusiastic, academically brilliant, and have superior research temperament, you are most welcome to be a part of our research group. For such students, we provide full financial support in terms of research assistantship.


Our expectations from you:

  • You have satisfactory TOEFL and GRE scores meeting the departmental and the university admission requirements. (Click here for detailed information).

  • Your research background/field somehow falls within our research interests.

  • You have a strong research temperament, judged by your curiosity, creativity, reasoning for every observations and capability of laying down good hypotheses.

  • You have eagerness to learn more and you are a critical thinker.

  • You have a good english communication skill (you can effectively communicate with us, your classmates and industrial clients) and a good written english (you can write peer review journal papers on your own).


What we can offer:

  • A positive environment to achieve your academic goal.

  • A world-class mentoring to become the best.

  • Total freedom to think on your own and encouragement to participate in all discussion.

  • Financial support for major national and/or international conference to present your research paper.

  • Assist in finding suitable job that fits your career goal.

  • A long-term friendship and guardianship.


If you believe you are the one, I would like to hear from you: Email me below

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